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I will share with you a step-by-step video on how to create Stripe Account 


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Have you ever been in a situation where by you and a foreign client are about to work together on a project?


  • Terms of contract agreed.

  • Duration of contract agreed.

  • Amount agreed.



Then time for your client to make their payment you mess everything up by sending them a Payoneer, Wise, Grey or Geegpay bank account details and suddenly they start having cold feet which usually ends up in them not being interested anymore.



And the painful part is you won’t know this is why they backed out so you keep asking yourself if your village people are pursuing you, but that’s not the case.



If this hasn’t happened to you yet and you haven’t lost clients or sales due to this then it’s just a matter of time.



And before you say, there is nothing wrong with using Payoneer, Wise, Grey or Geegpay to receive payments.


Well, let me school you.


In Nigerians and Africa, we use Foreign Bank account to receive payments with Wise or other platforms that provide us with a Virtual US Bank account, UK Pounds Bank account, and Euro bank account right?



Good, But now I have a question for you!



Why do you think Freelancers and Business Owners from Tier 1 countries like the United States and United Kingdom who are the originators of the Dollar & Pound account we break our head to get do not use their bank accounts for their own businesses?



Same Foreign bank account we in Nigeria and Africa break our heads to get which is at their disposal over there yet they don’t use it for business.


Do you think it’s a coincidence?



Until my friend who is a Freelancer decided to ask one foreign client why exactly did they not go ahead with the deal and the client said.


“I don’t feel safe sending money to your bank account it’s so unprofessional”



And he immediately screamed because he knew the clients and sales he has lost because of this mistake of depending on Bank accounts to receive payments from clients.



The reason no one who is serious about their business uses a Bank account to receive payment from clients is that there is no “buyer protection”.



Buyer protection/Chargeback protection refers to guarantees that you will deliver to your clients or customer what was agreed.



This is in place to protect consumers’ rights and interests when making purchases, such as fraud protection, undelivered items, and quality assurance.



As you can see if a customer buys something from you and you don’t deliver they can easily open a dispute and Stripe will refund them their money back.



Its purpose is to provide peace of mind and ensure consumers can get value for their money back in case of a problem with their purchase.



(And even you who is the seller, if a customer tries to do anything fraudulent you are still covered my Stripe protection as well)


So tell me, what will stop a customer from not paying you for your work with them when they know if anything goes wrong their money isn’t lost?



A client can easily say fvc.k it, I don’t trust this guy but I have nothing to lose so let’s work together, imagine the more clients and sales you will close?


You might think oh I prefer to receive money in my bank account, but my question is DOES YOUR CLIENT PREFER THAT?


The answer is a resounding NO.


Why will I want to send my money to you then if something happens and you don’t deliver I can’t get it back?


As a business person, you must think from a customer’s angle, not your angle…



Banks don’t offer buyers protection so if anything goes wrong it’s a war for a customer to get their money back that’s why most of them don’t like the option of paying you directly, but with Stripe your customers are safe cause if anything happens then Stripe will solve the case.



As a business person, it’s so important for your customers to know if anything goes wrong you are there for them, it’s important your customers know you put them and their satisfaction first, this alone will increase your conversions.



Those sales and clients you have lost in the past I can guarantee you, this is why you lost most of them and the craziest part is they won’t tell you the real reason why they didn’t go ahead working with you.



But one thing you must know is, most clients won’t work with you if they don’t trust you and that is exactly where Stripe comes in.



Of course, some clients will pay through the bank details you provide but some won’t, and as a freelancer, Internet market, and business person you don’t want to lose a sale that should be made especially something this tiny that is under your control.



That is why clients prefer paying you through Fiverr or Upwork cause they have peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong the issue can be resolved, but you can’t continue depending on Upwork or Fiverr cause a huge percentage of your money goes to them.



As a Freelancer or business owner who attends to international clients, you must have faced an issue like the one I mentioned above and if you haven’t then it’s something that will eventually happen.



And even if you haven’t started dealing with international clients it’s better you solve this issue before you get started, cause this is very key…



Even me selling Digital products to the Nigerian market I still get a lot of people who want to pay for my product that isn’t in Nigeria and I have lost some sales because of this in the past.



But Not anymore.



I no longer lose any sales, I close all.


Which means more money in my account.


But Stripe doesn’t work in Nigeria or African countries?

Well, that is true, as a matter of fact, stripe works only in about 40 countries alone and they don’t accept any African country as of now.



But I have cracked the code.



The only way 99% of people know how to open a stripe account from anywhere in the world is to register their business in the United States.



My friend who lost lots of sales & clients immediately went and spent $500 to register his business in the United States in other to Open a verified Stripe…



This is a good option but I don’t recommend this option and here is why.



1. You will have to use a service called Stripe Atlas where stripe themselves helps you register your business and get you an EIN, this is a good option as long as you have $500 to pay them and there is one more issue with this method, will tell you as we go on.



2. You can register the business yourself but it will still cost you at least $200 – $300 to get your business registered that if you know how to do it properly.



3. Or you can simply try to game the system and use VPN to create a stripe account, this method is free though but don’t expect to get your money out when you receive money with this stripe account cause stripe is smart, and even if they let you create it they will still catch you.



The problem with all these methods is not just that you will have to pay anywhere from $300 – $500 for something you ought to get for free if you were in the US.



You will also have to deal with taxes, let me tell you more.



When you register a business in the US in other to open a stripe account you have to start paying taxes in the US which is a pain because it means you have to hire an Accountant to advise you on filing your taxes every year.



Hiring a good Tax Accountant will cost you anywhere from $2000 – $5000 and if you are lucky enough you can get to hire some cheap ones for $1000.



So you can see the cost you incur just to get a verified US stripe account with this normal.



And as a registered business you get to pay anywhere from 10% – 30% of your income to taxes.



So you can see the cost you incur just to get a verified US stripe account with the normal method.


So let me ask you now.



What if I show you a legal Loophole that stripe permits and allows that you can use to



  • Create a fully verified stripe account without having to spend $500 registering your business in the United States yet you will still enjoy all the features of Stripe

  • You won’t have to deal with any tax wahala, you get your full money to yourself without issues

  • You won’t have to pay up to $5000 to accountants every year to file your taxes for you because you won’t be paying taxes with this method.

  • You will use your original details and documents to avoid any issues.

  • And you can do this without having to use VPN or anything that will get your account cooked.

  • And the best part is you won’t spend a dime creating your Stripe account.

Would you want to learn my sacred method?
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In this guide, you will see me Live create a fully verified stripe account for a friend step by step from Nigeria here without having to bother myself about

  • changing my IP and the best part is you won’t have to worry about

  • without having to pay Taxes

  • About your stripe account getting restricted or anything because you are in Nigeria or any country stripe doesn’t support

  • Without having to spend $1000 – $5500 to pay CPAs & accountants to manage your taxes every year

  • And without having to spend $500 registering a business you don’t need.

                                                                                     Here is What You Get In The Course

  • How to open stripe account legally without spending $300 and above registering your business abroad

  • How to legally bypass tax so you receive your full money from stripe without issues

  • How to use your Nigerian number to verify your stripe account

  • How to get a foreign address for Free to verify your stripe account

  • The only way to legally bypass tax (if you don’t do this one thing you can’t bypass it anymore)

  • The number 1 mistake you must avoid in other to not get your account shut down immediately after being opened

  • The best documents to verify your stripe account with

  • How to open a legal stripe without using VPN and ever needing VPN this is good because your account will never get banned

  • I will show you the steps to creating a legal stripe account with your own name and document (no more forging of name that you can’t give account for later)

  • Verification documents in your name (utility bill etc)

  • The number one Foreign Bank accounts in your name in which to receive dollars, Euro & pounds and how to convert your money to naira immediately using black market rate

  • The best foreign bank account to receive your money if you aren’t a Nigerian

  • Ability to access your Stripe account from anywhere in the world, without any limitations

  • Receive unlimited amount in your stripe account without issues (of course they might ask you some questions about what you do which is normal for anyone receiving big money with stripe even though you are a US citizen)

At the end of this Live walkthrough, you will be able to come out with a fully verified ready-to-use stripe account you can start using Immediately after creation.

This is a straight-to-the-point video walkthrough so it isn’t long at all, you are a busy person so I made sure I went straight to the point.

So you might want to ask now, how much is this Guide?

Well, the real question is, what is having a fully verified stripe account worth to you and your business?

First, by following my method you get to save $200 – $500 that you will normally spend registering a business in the US just to have a stripe account.

You get to save $1000 – $5000 in accountant and CPA fees you will incur when it’s time to fill in your taxes.

And this saves you from paying 10% – 30% in taxes you will normally pay with a Stripe account but you get to avoid paying any tax legally.

And we all know that Stripe is The 1 payment processor in the world, which means everyone knows them so let’s not even talk about the clients you have lost unknowingly in the past & with this you won’t lose any client to this anymore.

If you go through the normal method then you should expect to spend anywhere from $1500 – $5500 when you add all the fees.

So I ask you again how much will you pay for any information like this?

For me, as a businessman, if I know of anything that can save me even though it’s $100 I try to leverage that, let alone something that will save me thousands of dollars.

One thing I know is that this guide will save you thousands of dollars and you can see it for yourself.

So if I tell you to pay me $500 it’s still a fair price, it still saves you thousands of dollars.

But don’t worry you won’t pay anything close, my goal is to help you save cost based on nah we we…

So today alone you can get this guide at 50% off, instead of paying $100 just pay $50 (N30,000) and I will give it to you. 



The price goes up to $100 (N60,000) once the first 20 persons get the guide today, so if you are seeing this offer today you should get in immediately unless you don’t understand the use of a Stripe account.


And before you say N30,000 is too much what can N30,000 do for you in this economy? It can’t even get you good Jeans anymore, so you can see I’m giving you this guide for chicken change.


Just to show you my Stripe method works seamlessly, what other way to prove something works than actually using it to show you it works?


Once you click the Pay Now button below you can choose the payment method that best suits you, If you rather pay in dollars.

And this isn’t all you get today I want to give you some Special Bonuses to Spice up the OFFER Here are some Special Bonuses to spice this up.

Bonus #1 – How to get Freelancers to Pay you N20,000 – N50,000 to help them open a Stripe account.


This is a very powerful bonus because a lot of people don’t know they can open a Stripe account without registering their business, so I will show you where to see Freelancers that will pay you anywhere from N20,000 – N30,000 to help them open a Stripe account for them.


They will gladly pay you cause the normal way will cost them thousands of dollars


This bonus alone is worth N50,000.


Bonus #2 – I will show you how to get a Verified US Address for Free that you can use for your business.


One thing that is very important is having a US address that can stand as your own.


So I will show you how to get a Legal US address for free (A real address you can use and claim as your own in the United States)


This bonus is worth N20,000.


Bonus #3 – Advanced Conversion Optimization Techniques: Unlock the secrets to skyrocket your conversion rates with this bonus module. Learn advanced techniques to optimize your website, implement persuasive copywriting, and leverage psychological triggers that drive customers to take action. Convert more visitors into loyal customers and watch your revenue soar.


This bonus is worth N15,000.


As you can see each of the Bonuses is worth far more than what you will pay for the Course itself.


Yet it’s all yours today for just $50 (N30,000)


But you get these two bonuses for FREE today once you get THE ADVANCED STRIPE BLUEPRINT {T.A.S.B} for Unsupported Countries


No Stories…



I’m very confident that this guide will 100% work for you if you follow everything I show you in this program Step by step and if by any means it didn’t fulfill its purpose then I will give you double what you paid for as a refund for wasting your time.


So if you paid $50 (N30,000) I will give you $100 (N60,000) to repay you for the stress, I’m that confident this will work, so no Trial and Error.



So what are you waiting for, get this guide now.



Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to master the advanced capabilities of Stripe and revolutionize your online business. Enroll today in The Advanced Stripe Account Blueprint and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to stay ahead in a competitive digital landscape.


Remember, you’re backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, we’ll refund your investment—no questions asked.


The time to take action is now. Enroll in The Advanced Stripe Account Blueprint and embark on a transformative journey towards success. Your online business deserves the best, and Stripe holds the key to unlocking its true potential.


Enroll now and embark on a path to unprecedented growth and profitability with The Advanced Stripe Account Blueprint

  • Money back Guarantee

  • Instant Access


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